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Life lessons part XXVIII

Posted by blix on March 15, 2021
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Life lessons part XXVIII by W Blix

We’ve got a blind date with Destiny… and it looks like she’s ordered the lobster.

560. Tromsø is trash.
559. It’s time to take out the trash.
558. When it’s sink or swim, you got to think to win.
557. No matter where you are going, you have to change planes in Atlanta.
556. The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.
555. Always identify yourself at the beginning of all phone calls.
554. The worst decisions make the best stories.
553. The world would not be in such a snarl, had Marx been Groucho instead of Karl.
552. Leftovers are for quitters.
551. We are all self made, but only the rich will admit it.
550. Sing the songs that remind you of the good times. Sing the songs that remind you of the best times.
549. If you’ve seen the movie 300 more than once you’re gay.
548. Turn on, tune in, drop out.
547. Bureaucracy will destroy western civilization.
546. If you’re protesting against racism, you’re going to upset some racists.
545. Keep the talent happy!
544. If you make a grand gesture, you can get any girl you want.
543. To thrive in life you need three bones. A wish bone, a back bone, and a funny bone.
542. Dance until you stink.
541. Dare mighty things.

There’s a lot goin’ on