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Live Free or Die

Posted by blix on January 09, 2008
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Live Free or Die by W Blix

The good people of New Hampshire have spoken; they want John McCain to be the next President of the United States of America.
As our dear readers will know, W Blix supports Senator McCain’s bid for the White House. He is by far the best candidate for the job. While people in Washington were divided into two camps on the Iraq issue: the Everything is Finers, and the Cut Bait and Runners; ONE MAN had the wisdom, courage and strength to stand up and call for a change. He knew the strategy in Iraq wasn’t working, so he broke ranks to call for more troops. This made him unpopular, but he kept fighting and finally got his way. The troop surge or McCain Doctrine as some call it is a monumental success. ONE MAN was right all along. The people of the Granite State understands this.

Surely this new momentum will carry us through the primaries and on to the White House.

Mac is Back!
Hugs and kisses.