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Life lessons part IX

Posted by blix on June 28, 2015
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Life lessons part IX by W Blix

Rolling like thunder, always drawing a crowd.

180. If you beat Tromsø Idrettslag, it doesn’t matter how the rest of the season goes.

179. We are all whores in the brothel of life.

178. Slater’s gonna slate.

177. A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.

176. Don’t believe a ginger that claims to be strawberry blonde.

175. It’s not the fart that kills you, it’s the smell.

174. Never break up a catfight.

173. Communism possesses a language which every people can understand – its elements are hunger, envy, and death.

172. If you encounter enemies then you’re going the right way.

171. Believe in the Golden Rule. The Man with the Gold, Rules.

170. Strength and readiness come only through continuous effort and struggle.

169. One thing cops respect is your pig impression.

168. A man is only as good as his word.

167. Don’t mess with Texas.

166. Next to lunch and dinner, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

165. When the robots rise up, ATM’s will lead the charge.

164. Sometimes dogs or people hate you for no reason.

163. The best team doesnt always win, its the team that plays the best.

162. A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.

161. There are two types of people in the world – those with a gun, and those who dig.

Hugs and kisses.