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The President

Posted by blix on July 04, 2020
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The President by W Blix

With the presidential election coming up, it is now time for Our official endorsement.
We feel very strongly that the sitting President should be replased by Joe Biden.

This has less to do with the strengths of Biden, and more to do with the weaknesses of the President. Everyone knew he was not qualified to be President before he even ran. His campaign left no doubt that he would be a disaster in office.

And yet he was elected.
This proves three things:
1. People will vote for anyone as long as they are famous.
2. The two-party system doesn’t work.
3. There are tens of millions of Americans who hate Democrats more than they love America.
His presidency has been a bigger shitshow than anyone could have imagined. His disdain for NATO, for the press and for anyone who doesn’t shower him with praise is truly disturbing. As is his embrace of Putin.
Now it’s time for someone else come in and right the ship. That person is Joe Biden. He was not the first choice, but he is the last one, and the right one.

Hugs and kisses.