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Things I hate on TV

Posted by blix on November 19, 2005
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Things I hate on TV by W Blix

When shows starts BEFORE the they are scheduled
Communist propaganda
When they say they’ll be right back with more after the break, but all thats left is the credits (Letterman)
All the news ankers on NRK
Women who pretend to know about sports
Male nudity
Shows about surgery (especially eye surgery)
Hosts that try to make the debate more interesting by telling lies
Norwegian drama
Looooong weather reports
Norwegian comedy
Scandinavian reality colaborations
Commersials with alarm clocks, door bells, etc
Reality with no plot and weird twists
Nature shows
Shows from Tromsø
Commersials for crappy products
Anything on channels that are licence funded

The agony of defeat

Posted by blix on November 19, 2005
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The agony of defeat by W Blix

After thirteen years in the Norwegian Premiership Bodø/Glimt have been relegated. The straw that broke the camels back was a massive defeat at the hands of FC Lyn Oslo whitch saw the pride of the region land at the bottom of the table. This is whithout a doubt the most awfull thing that has ever happened (Not counting that fubar afternoon in the fall of ’96).

To add insult to injury Tromsø IL survived and will play next season with no fear of going head to head against Glimt. Let’s hope we’re back on top soon and those unclefuckers in Tromsø crash and burn.

Some new players would be nice. And some people in charge that know what the fuck they are doing.