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The Republic of Norway

Posted by blix on March 24, 2009
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The Republic of Norway by W Blix

Reader discretion is advised.

The Royal engagement in Sweden has sparked debate over the form of government, with republicans crawling out of the mud to spew their hateful propaganda on TV.
Sadly this phenomena is well known in Norway. Anytime the Royals do anything, the media is flooded with republicans explaining why this is bad and why we need to ditch the Monarchy altogether.

The number of people who say they think Norway should be a republic is tiny. In fact it’s about as many as would like to reinstitute the death penalty. Yet there is no death penalty debate in Norway.
So how do we explain this? Two issues with the same popular support; one the source of frequent media coverage and lengthy debate, the other completely ignored…
Could it possibly be because the Norwegian media is made up of treacherous pinko commies who won’t stop until everything that is good and pure in the world has been ass raped, spit on and left for dead?

In order to divide and conquer, we should classify Norwegian republicans into one of four groups:

First group. Those who think the Monarchy is somewhat antiquated, but don’t really care one way or another. This group is largely harmless, but keep your eyes open.

Second group. People who think inherited power is unfair. Republic is more “democratic”. Their left leaning voting would suggest they don’t really care that much about democracy. Should be watched closely at all times.

Third group. Think the Norwegian people would actually benefit from a change to a republic. These guys are deranged, and should be institutionalized.

Forth group. The Die Hard commies who are willing to do what is needed to topple the Monarchy. The big secret in Norwegian politics is that there actually isn’t any legal way to change the form of government. The only way to do it is by armed revolution. Since the goal of this group is a bloody civil war, the solution is clear: Drag them into the streets and shoot them in the back of the head.
Verkställ ordern!!

It is sad that the Norwegian media is so left leaning, and that the Country is full of traitors.

All We can promise is that as long as there is a breath left in Us, We will be standing guard outside the Palace.

King and Country!