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Bear With Me

Posted by blix on October 15, 2007
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Bear With Me by W Blix
Scary news out of Norway and Sweden. Several hunting parties have been attacked by angry killer bears. It seems the quadrupeds have had enough of men with riffles entering the deep dark forests of the Scandinavian peninsula looking to bring a nice bear skin rug back to the wife. The bears are hitting back, and this time it’s personal.
I for one am somewhat concerned that the animals seem to have little trouble overpowering experienced hunters, with guns, nonetheless.
When the bear community learns of the success of these attacks, we will surly see an escalation of violence And when they get a taste for blood: Watch Out! We could be in for a coordinated massive attack against humanity.
Should we sit back and wait for this offensive, hoping that our new furry overlords spare our lives so that we may bring them honey and picnic baskets?
W says NO! There must be another way. And now there is: Bear Patrols.
We should create a new agency devoted to guarding the borders where civilization meets wild untamed nature, patrolling the streets looking for intruder bears, flushing out collaborators and launching preemptive strikes right in the heart of Bear country.
It is imperative that these Godless killing machines not be allowed to gain an upper paw. We must demand that the politicians introduce Bear Patrols immediately.
Hugs and kisses.

Nobel Gore

Posted by blix on October 12, 2007
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Nobel Gore by W Blix
Former Vice President Albert A. Gore “Al” has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He shares this honor with some UN panel. W Blix congratulates VP Gore and those other people.
Let us take a closer look at this laureate. We all know that Al Gore invented the internet. He served as Vice President during the first (and hopefull last) Clinton administration. While winning the popular vote, he lost the 2000 Presidential election to George W. Bush. Liberals still claim the Republicans stole the election.
Since leaving office Gore has spent most of his time nagging about the enviroment, arranging conserts, fraternising with Hollywood liberals and getting awards from, well, Hollywood liberals. I don’t quite know why this makes him deserving of a Peace Prize, but I am sure the Nobel committee has its reasons.
The former Vice President visited Norway last year and earlier this year, making speeches and guesting talk shows. All the while praising Norway for beeing a model country when it comes to peace and the enviroment. Unfortunatly, this seems to be a pre-requisite for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Kofi Annan vacationed in Norway and said he considered settling down there. A few months later he was back, this time to accept the pize.
What does the enviroment have to do with peace?
If the planet is trying to kill us all, shouldn’t we be fighting back?
Is global warming really that bad? W would welcome higher temperatures in the winter.
As far as sea-levels rising, if history teaches us anything it is that you shouldn’t settle in low-lying, exposed areas.

Anyway… have a green peacefull day.
Hugs and kisses.