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Life lessons part XX

Posted by blix on March 20, 2019
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Life lessons part XX by W Blix

We know the game and we’re gonna play it…

400. Tromsø should be left off maps.
399. The thing that gets you to the show and the thing that keeps you in the show is the ability to deliver a great speech.
398. Put your hair up and square up.
397. “All the cool kidz are doing it” is the best reason to do anything.
396. The dinner table is a war zone of ideas and whoever shouts the loudest is right.
395. There’s no crying in baseball!
394. When life gives you lemons, you sell some of your grandma’s jewelry and you go clubbing.
393. Communism is the corruption of a dream of justice.
392. May the bridges We burn light the way.
391. Fear is the steady hand that unhooks the bra of capitalism.
390. Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong and ready men believe in cause and effect.
389. Never put a period where Odin put a comma.
388. The biggest shame imaginable is fathering a son who doesn’t grow up to be a professional athlete.
387. Mountains are there to be climbed.
386. Life is just a constant battle between wanting a six pack and wanting a six pack.
385. You don’t know how good someone’s music really is until you find out they’re a pedophile.
384. Don’t go around breaking young girls’ hearts.
383. One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards.
382. There’s nothing a little dancing on a bar can’t solve.
381. Curse and fight until your heart’s done pumping.

Hugs and kisses.